Monday, November 25, 2013

Russell & Aylin Engagement session | Sands Point Preserve Port

Beautiful Engagement session at Sands point preserve with Russel & Aylin in a beautiful warm winter afternoon . We had an amazing time on long island and we really had the best weather to help us out with the photographs .

As a wedding photographer I have never seen so much love, body language and joy while I was snapping away. They really got me excited. Each individual picture was better than the last. The joy and smiles really had me flipping through hoops .

 I believe thats the expression !!!!Regardless we started with the side of the castle where the big chest piece was  . I sat them down and used the glowing hair light behind them .

Shortly after we also utilized the back of the castle where it had a perfect shade. I figured we could of used something different . This kept the lighting conditions very even for me to do some amazing walking shots as you will when looking at the video .

 Next Aylin suggested we go down to the beach which I was a big fan of. Sands point preserve beach is amazing. Before that we found a bench where we used a sign . The sign had something cute "I said yes ". Funny Russell put a funny face to that sign as you will see in the video .

It was definitely worth the smile . Sarcastic but fun. So after the bench shots we moved to the beach. Now since we were all concerned with our shoes getting wet and damped with wet sand we all took off our socks and shoes. This was extremely funny and painful .

After a while the ice cold sand removed all sensation from our feet . I honestly didn't feel my feet for about 20 min lol. Well worth it. Russell actually jumped a few times and made a perfect running man in the air for us to showcase . Now is this man is prepared to do that he is ready for anything .

The closer was using their little puppy for the christmas shot. Aylin used a beautiful red had and russell changing his shirt also used something red. Beautiful. It looked exactly like a christmas card.

 Thank you guys for all your hard work and I look forward blogging about your wedding in may. I can't wait . I'm going to rock the house at the Borne Mansion . -origin photos
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